Kilombero Community Charitable Trust is a non-governmental organization dedicated to serving the community surrounding Kilombero Sugar Company, a population of approximately 100,000 people. KCCT focuses on economic and social development activities, specifically poverty alleviation, rural and agricultural development and the promotion of gender equality, driven by investment in public-private partnerships that contribute to sustainable development.

KCCT was initially registered as Kilombero Community Trust in 2003, which was established through a joint initiative between Kilombero Sugar Company Ltd. and Unitrans Tanzania, out of a shared concern for the impoverishment of the community surrounding KSC, and a desire to uplift and empower its people. KCCT was re-registered as KCCT in 2012, as a non-governmental, non-profit organization established to serve the economic and social needs of the Kilombero community, including reducing poverty and economic vulnerability in poor rural households in Kilombero.


KCCT is focused on supporting the livelihoods of sugar cane outgrowers, through innovative financing mechanisms and capacity building programmes that encourage smallholder farmers to expand and improve their cane farming activities. 

The Trust has leveraged commercial and donor funding to support infrastructure development, establishment of the Kilombero Outgrowers Management Information System (KOMIS), and training outgrowers and their associations on agriculture and business management best practices.
KCCT also devotes a significant proportion of its proceeds to community projects, focusing on the water, health, and education sectors.


Infrastructure- since 2007, KCCT, in partnership with the European Union and other donors, has constructed road segments in the outgrower areas measuring approximately 90 Kms combined, as well as 6 river crossings, reducing lead distance from cane fields to the mill, and contributing to significant savings in transportation costs and improved efficiency.

Introduction of block farming – which provides outgrowers with the benefits of economies of scale; they can achieve greater efficiency when fields are organized into blocks, and land preparation and extension services and haulage can be delivered in larger units, with better planning.

Nyandeo Hospital – 80-bed hospital with maternity ward, male and female ward, theatre, pediatric ward, mortuary.

Outgrower Training Resource Centre – equipped with smart board technology, and 25 Samsung Galaxy Tablets to make learning more interactive and extend the classroom into the field, providing real-time data to cane grower associations.

Education- supporting 8 primary schools and 10 secondary schools in the provision of classroom equipment and the construction of school infrastructure.