Farmer Support Program

At present KCCT is working in partnership with Solidaridad, which is financing the Farmers Support Programme, aimed at addressing the constraints and improving the livelihoods of the existing small-scale outgrower farmers, through increased yields and improved sustainable practices. 

This involves a comprehensive and holistic program to introduce irrigation and the adoption of good agricultural and environmental practices; civic education and organizational training; as well as a mapping to improve and update a Sustainable Management System (SMS) and Kilombero Outgrowers Management Information System (KOMIS) for better management planning, decision making and forecasting.


Nyandeo Hospital

KCCT has been instrumental in supporting the construction of Nyandeo hospital, and to date has contributed approximately Tsh 750,000,000 to its construction and modernization with up-to-date equipment for the theatre, laboratory and maternity facilities.

Nyandeo hospital provides in and out-patient services, and is equipped with an operating theatre, a male and female ward, a pediatric ward, maternity ward, reproductive health clinic, laboratory, dispensary and mortuary, as well as a laundry facility. The catchment area for Nyandeo hospital is approximately 100,000 people, and the nearest District hospitals are St. Francis in Ifakara and St. Kizito in Mukumi, which are more than 40 kilometers from Kidatu.


KCCT has also supported a number of local primary and secondary schools through the construction of classrooms, laboratories, administrative blocks, toilet facilities and water wells and pumps, as well as the provision of classroom equipment and furniture to enhance the learning environment for local students. 

Specifically, KCCT has supported 8 primary schools and 10 secondary schools since 2005 when the Trust began funding projects identified by the community. Approximately 5,000 students have benefited from these initiatives. KCCT also makes annual donations to support orphaned and vulnerable children, through Imara Women’s Group and Sharp Women’s Group, two organizations headed by spouses and retired employees from KSC. Each year the two groups sponsor approximately 500 students for primary, secondary, vocational and O-Level education that their families would otherwise be unable to finance.